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  2. well….I am on a roll recently lol.

    Introducing wee!John who is about 10-15cm tall XD 

    I am thinking maybe doing a couple more about him like how Sherlock caught him with a beaker when Sherlock first discovered him maybe? Or how he sits in Sherlock’s hair when they are moving about the flat? How about one where he is trapped in a tea cup and Sherlock have to rescue him?

    Oh…I am so evil.

  3. Uhm….okay….I don’t even know whats going on…OTZ….

    This is….fawnlock? More like centaurlock em…I apologize for John’s weird face really I do…

    "Sherlock: why are you here?

    John: I can hardly let a royalty run to a human village alone and unarmed now can I.

    Sherlock: Did Mycroft sent you?

    John: Um…no, I just saw you leave the sanctuary. 

    Sherlock: „„oh.”

    "John: slow down, you highness!

    Sherlock: dull.

    John: why are you faster when you are so….tall?!

    Sherlock: as I said, dull. “

  4. Based upon a conversation with my friend :) Think of the dragon as a small neon version of Smauglock? Although there the only resemblance is the curly hair…I just have been playing too much infamous second son I am afraid…

    Here is the prompt:

    John was born a summoner, and was attending the prestigious magick collage for the gifted as per the law required of him. He was one of the oldest of his class, in his fourth year, his classmates had all summoned some sort of animal. Be it lions, tigers, hawks, hell he would even settle for a rabbit, yet he was not able to summon anything whatsoever. He thought to himself, “well, John, look at you. You are broken, wounded, and basically depressed. What on earth would sign a contract with you?”

    And then the day came. 

    (Btw, Sherlock is all like, John give me more magick! What is going on in your little heads?! How can humans be so idiotic and fragile! I simply cannot stay in this tiny insignificant, boring form!)

    Forgive my English….Absolutely sleep deprived

  5. Ok I couldn’t resist XD. This was originally just going to be a pose/perspective study and look what it had gotten into. Way too much johnlock in my brain. 

    I really need to draw something happier next time though….

  6. Just something I did since its snowing so much outside…big shout out to my roommate who inspired me on the coloring and stuff 

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  8. This is what happens when you watch desolation of Smaug with some crazy friend who give you a prompt to fill with art….and who is indeed a very demanding friend

    Here is the prompt: (I know its long…she is enthusiastic I tell you…)

    "A dragon can be beaten, bested, or slain.

    A dragon can be trained, rode, or even befriended. 

    The wyvern lords knew this.

    They hold their dragon companions close; the contracts with the beasts even closer. For as long as they hold the summoning spell, the dragons will come when called, obeying their every order, lowering their mighty heads and carry out their will like a obedient pet. 

    But in the end, the wyvern lords was always sure of one thing and one thing only.

    Dragons can never be tamed. 

    Yet that one day, when he was wounded and could not go on, his dragon never wavered from his side. He no longer held the leash, the contract burnt out of his soul by his powerful foe like a piece of paper on a flame.

    His dragon wrapped his tail around him, not too tight nor too loose. He saw the blinding light of dragon fire; he heard the deafening dragon roars. And he could only pray that his dragon would leave him soon; leave him here to die and save itself.


    He is a dragon.

    Or more specifically, he is a dragon that was beaten by mankind a millennium ago with their wits, tricks and spells. He was impressed. Impressed by these fragile creatures that faded away in but a blink of an eye. Nevertheless they possessed power enough to best him. 

    He is not the most magnificent of his kind, nor is he the strongest among his kin. He knew this.

    The other dragon was large. His adversary breathed searing flames, his claws sharp and his teeth penetrated his scales easily. He knew when he is beaten, yet he would not escape.

    For his defeat will mean the death of his lord.

    No, he would not be overcame, not when he still possessed the heart of a wild dragon.

    He roared loud and long. “

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    My six years old German shepherd (he is looking at a piece of meat I’m sure)

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    Time flies by us all, only to be reminded at every corner

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